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This is a pretty cool Mac UI plug-in for Cocoa-based applications. (Not Carbon-based apps like Finder or iTunes.) Afloat allows you to control application windows like you should be able to control them—making them translucent, or floating on top of other windows even when another application has focus, and a few other tricks that just make sense once you try them. And it’s free.

Gross. You Know You Do It Too.

Jen and I have been married for just about ten years and we’ve never really been the kind of couple obsessed with things like weight or religious exercise. But she signed up for a case study and that initiated our acquisition of a bathroom scale, which I’ve found comes in handy for certain things.

I’ve always floated within 10-15 pounds difference in my weight (except during the first few years of marriage after the first year). No big deal. I don’t really care.

This morning, my 6 month old copy of MacWorld was calling my name in the upstairs bathroom. In the 2-foot distance from the bathroom door to the throne, I decided to weigh myself—mind you not because I’m all that concerned about how much I weigh. 211.6 pounds. Cool. Last week it was 214.something, again not that I really could give a crap. This was an experiment. After I was “done reading” the same article again about how to screw up Leopard with terminal hacks cause we’re too cheap (or broke) to buy another issue for some fresh information and my free trial ran out 6 issues ago… I got back on the scale.

Post potty weigh-in: 210.6 pounds. Yep. My poop this morning weighed in at 1 pound.

That’s awesome. I mean GROSS! I mean… yes! I hope this makes all you closet poop-weighers feel a little more normal.

How to Disable (or Remap) Your Caps Lock Key

I finally got fed up with it enough to do something about it…

It’s the year 2008 now and computers have been around long enough to be everywhere. My kids won’t know what life is like without them… my grandma sends me emails… and I pay for my mortgage by using them.

But, why oh why do keyboards still have the infernal CAPS LOCK key? It only gets in my way like everyday; writing code for hours on end gets riddled with inadvertent hiccups having to undo a string of text in all caps (yes, I still need to look at the keys when typing.. most of the time.)

So anyway, after putting up with this for almost ten years and after about 5 minutes of googling I found a hint about remapping or disabling my caps lock key. SWEET!

Using OS X (Leopard, Tiger) it’s a piece of cake:

  1. Open System Preferences → Keyboard & Mouse: load the ‘Keyboard’ pane
  2. Click the ‘Modifier Keys…’ button (bottom left corner)
  3. Pick your favorite function from the drop-list next to ‘Caps Lock Key’:
    • Caps Lock
    • Control
    • Option
    • Command
    • No Action ← my favorite

Using Windows (any version):

  1. Buy a Mac
  2. Follow steps above.

Ok, moving on with my life…

The Primer and the Time Logic Loop

The problem with being dependent on a cup of coffee to help get things going each day is that [for me] most mornings require that I’m already coherent in order to make the coffee.

Some days are worse than others. Today I almost made a cup of hot water.