Beauty Runs Deep, and Apparently… Green.

Last week, Jen picked up (rented, for free) some movies from our local library. Libraries rock. One of the movies was a DVD of “The Incredible Hulk.” No, not the Ang Lee theatrical version (2003), and no, not the Louis Leterrier version with Edward Norton (2008). We’re talking the dynamic duo of Bixby & Ferrigno here, the early years…

I sat down with the kids and they watched it with me. They loved it.

During the second episode, The Hulk saves the blonde co-star from peril just after he rips apart a house and he’s carrying her in his arms “sideways” (like how my daughter always asks me to carry her up the stairs at bed time) and she’s just starting to come around from being passed out. She looks up at The Hulk (knowing already that he’s really David Banner) and has a soft look in her eyes; he’s looking down at her with his cromagnon uni-brow and that familiar blank expression.

The Hulk: Saving the Girl.

The Hulk: Saving the Girl.

My five-year-old daughter says with the deepest sincerity, “He’s handsome.”

Now, she’s very sensitive and it took every fiber in my core to keep from bolstering out hysterically until I realized that she was dead serious. As a general rule, Jen and I try real hard to not taint our kids minds with our own jaded perspectives and experiences. It was awesome to see in her face and hear in her voice a pure un-sarcastic thought about beauty. She has nothing to base her perspectives on that would disallow such honesty to shine right through. That’s what I got from her statement.

I told this story to Jen in Zoë’s presence and like me, Jen had to fight hard to hold back bursting out with laughter. That is until she saw Zoë’s sincerity too. Then Jen had to translate for me what her comment actually meant. You see, being not a female, I am somewhat ill-equipped to grasp such things on my own. “A person becomes beautiful when they take care of someone.” Jen’s explanation of what went on in Zoë’s mind blew me away. You see, at only five years old, my daughter has the capacity to see right through the outer appearance of a creature (or monster) like The Hulk and see his actions of love for the woman he saved, and to Zoë that’s what made him handsome. She saw his heart and applied that to his appearance and she did not see a monster.

Imagine if we could all find this sort of honesty and truth with ourselves and with others at the level of innocence found in a child.

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