Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Multi-touch Trackpad Zoomer in Finder

So, at some point in the last 6 months I realized my multi-touch enabled trackpad on my MacBook Pro was broken. It would zoom pictures in Preview, and do other multi-touchy things like the “two-fingered scroll” and the “three-fingered next” actions, but it wouldn’t zoom the Finder in thumbnail (or icon) view. Okay, so it’s not really broken. But it is odd that it wasn’t working like it did when it was new. I tried googling a little and gave up when no hits seemed to match my dilemma. I asked for help at an Apple Store once, but I didn’t have my computer with me when Jen and I were out on a date so they couldn’t help. Yes, we went to the mall on our date. They have Rubio’s there AND Cinnabon AND the Apple Store!


Media in the Sidebar

Well, this morning I was poking around the Finder looking for the handy “Media” section which shows up in the sidebar, it seems, only when the open/upload file dialog box is invoked from another Application. Why is this not a part of the normal Finder view? It’s very slick and smart — it adjusts its interface to support the various display needs for the kind of content being viewed. Um, I really wasn’t planning to write about the media section all this much… this point to all this is this semi-obscure option in Finder’s preferences:

I found this setting in
Finder > Preferences > Advanced: Zoom using trackpad.

Zoom using trackpad enabler

'Zoom using trackpad' enabler

Click! Fixed. I’m a “genius.” :)