Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Physics, Laws of Motion, and an Uncanny Little Girl

The other day, about a week ago, My five-year-old daughter was discussing with me how she was glad to not have to go back to dance class anymore. She liked it, but was ready to move on to something more, better, or just plain different. She was good at it. Very deliberate with her positions and appropriately aware of her ability.

I was trying to be encouraging and suggested that maybe taking dance again later would be cool, to which her expression was similar to that of someone who had just walked into a freshly used bathroom.

Trying to not lose the conversational moment I suggested, “ok, well, maybe you could play soccer or baseball?”

Then she comes up to me and leans in like she’s gotta tell me a huge secret and tilts her head down and lifts her eyes up and somehow makes them bluer and bigger and brighter than normal and she stares right into my eyes and with a hushed, whispery voice says with a no duh kind of tone, “Or golf.”

Yeah. She’s five… and hilarious! We don’t watch golf. I don’t play golf. We don’t EVER talk about golf.

Figure that one out. :)


Sometimes I feel like a lame designer. Tasked with a project of “freshening” an existing site has at times been tough and I’m not sure why. Am I losing my eye for design? Maybe the existing site (from a recent project) was so bad that a freshening is not possible. But then does that make me a bad designer?

Shouldn’t I be able to clean up any design and make it at least a little better? (emphasis on “little” as that’s about the time-frame I’m usually given to perform pixel-surgery on three- to sometimes four-year-old sites)

Feeling lost in my profession, kind of washed up, and contemplating digging out my knee pads and diving back into crates of floor tile, buckets of thin-set and huge orangey sponges. I forget what it’s like to walk away from work at the end of the day feeling like my involvement made a difference and that difference by virtue being improvement. Continue reading…