Monthly Archive for November, 2007

Signals, Noise and Pattern Recognition

Today, my baby girl looked at me and said, “da da da …”

She is our third child and she’s about 5 months old. I’m still amazed at the way language skills develop and I don’t care what scientific studies of children and linguistics say that dictates what she said was a natural progression of assimilating the sounds she hears every day and that there’s nothing terribly significant about her sounds other than she’s experimenting with her ability to make noise…

If she wasn’t staring me in the eyes and smiling when she said it, I might credit it to her natural development. But I heard it loud and clear—more than once; she called me by my name. And this event is still a miracle, even the third time. And this is my present from God today.

The Primer and the Time Logic Loop

The problem with being dependent on a cup of coffee to help get things going each day is that [for me] most mornings require that I’m already coherent in order to make the coffee.

Some days are worse than others. Today I almost made a cup of hot water.

Oxidation Happens

Autumn spirals and winter is inevitable. The leaves are almost all gone now. This is my favorite time of year when green steps down and brilliant transitions take place. It gives me tangible evidence that change is good and purposeful and seasons are ordained.

Almost two years ago (Jan 2006) I moved from Rocket City, Alabama to Mile High City, Colorado and became thee web department for WAY-FM Media Group. After millions of keystrokes and thousands of lines of code and zillions of pixels and a year and a half of defending why I was there to certain individuals who would never have the capacity to grasp the future or appreciate what I did, I left to find my sanity again. I was fried, dried, baked, and frozen, and about as useless as “Mild Tabasco Sauce.” We were broke and almost broken. I loved what I did, but there was so much of it. Always so much expected to be accomplished with so little—which is a worthy feat when it is realized but often a hard path be on.

My wife had just given birth to our third child and our rental lease was ending and bills kept piling up and our one car household was starting to crack… um, no. The cracks already there were surfacing. Continue reading…


In two days I start telecommuting again. But until then there’s a ton to do to get the home office set up in the basement and convert it from a storage facility to a productive working environment. Ready… set… go!