10:25am, A Chat With My Co-Worker

So I’m sitting at my desk today, minding my own business working away on my current project when I suddenly get an instant message from one of my co-workers. The following conversation is real and took place at approximately 10:25am, Mountain time. The names have been changed to protect me, and I fixed his horrible spelling. I love my new job…

co-worker: proof that I don’t get out much : my friend just had to tell me how to drink a cocktail : apparently those little straws are for stirring

me: hahaha

co-worker: I was annoyed at them : they didn’t work well for drinking

me: we both learned something new today… i thought they were for drinking too

co-worker: oh good

me: i knew the stirring part (like coffee stirrers) but thought they had more than one function

co-worker: so did I : which is why i thought they gave me two of them : you know, because just one of them isn’t enough to drink from

me: next, they’ll say those little umbrellas don’t really work outside in the rain.

co-worker: lol : are you mocking me?

me: no way. um. i’d never do that.

co-worker: uh huh

me: i really thought the straws were for drinking too

co-worker: i guess not : usually i just mimic my friends : but they got different drinks : and mine came in a glass : it was very confusing

me: did it have ice?

co-worker: yep

me: well, duh. drinks in a glass with ice are supposed to be drunk with straws

co-worker: the ice melted far before I was done trying to drink it : apparently not!

me: damn robots.

co-worker: i know. They are able to drink through those straws because they operate at 200 psi

me: hahaha

co-worker: it’s discrimination against humans

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  • Haha! Is there something wrong with me in that I feel the little straws work perfect? If I had a Carl’s Jr. straw with my Vodka Sour then I’d be downing those things WAY too fast and you’d have to carry me out of the bar after an hour. I think the little straws ARE to be sucked through to protect the natural tendency, that we all have, to be alcoholics. Be happy, the irritation that may ensue is a result of the fail-safe.

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